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With over 20 years of experience in the procurement industry, we understand the value of keeping track of your contracts with various vendors, and confirming that you’ve fulfilled all the terms of an agreement. We make it our mission to streamline and automate as much of this process as possible, showing your contracts in a database that you can access anytime.

Simplifying Contracts

We use formal logic to translate legal contracts into symbols that a computer can understand. This way, our software can reason about the content of each clause, such as showing how a contract can be simplified. By hooking this up to an accounting system, we can automate payments when a delivery takes place, ensuring all your duties are met, with minimal fuss.

Natural Language Processing

We use natural language processing to encode a contract into logic as it’s written, offering suggestions and templates, and guiding you in specifying reparations if a clause is violated. The software will identify each party’s obligations and rights, confirm that each party’s interests are met by the contract, and prove that the contract has no contradictions.

Deontix Smart Contracts


view all your outstanding contracts, and get analytics on the reliability of different vendors.

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Verified Correctness

Get alerted of an offending clauses long before it becomes an issue.

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Automated Compliance

Include law within your contract to enforce compliance.

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