Deontix Smart Contracts

We want to make contracts so clear that you can prove them true with math.

Powerful Logical Language For Your Contracts

We translate your contracts into code, so you can survey all your ongoing deals on a centralized platform. Using our powerful logical language, we can verify that a contract doesn’t contain loopholes or conflict with any others, as well as provide real-time feedback as each of the terms is met, even for hundreds of contracts at once.

Deontix Smart Contracts


View all your outstanding contracts, and get analytics on the reliability of different vendors.

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Verified Correctness

Get alerted of an offending clause long before it becomes an issue.

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Automated Compliance

Include regulations within your contract to enforce compliance.

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You don't need the blockchain to use smart contracts

Instead, we simply digitize your current contracts, giving you access to notifications, analytics, and automated payments. As well as verified templates that nobody can wiggle out of, we’ll work with you to express your unique requirements as part of your database of contracts.

Airtight Records

By spelling out all your responsibilities even in elaborate transactions, you will have airtight records in case a dispute arises. Relevant laws and policies can also be encoded as part of the contract, warning you if a decision would violate any of these rules, assuring that you have the high ground in an audit or lawsuit.

Contracts make society run smoothly, and we make contracts run smoothly.

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